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Stove Sales & Installation of wood pellet and gas stoves along with professional chimney inspections & cleaning, chimney sweep services, and dryer vent cleaning.

Why Should My Chimney Be Inspected and Cleaned?
Preventive maintenance is always more cost-effective than repairs that could have been avoided. Annual inspections are critical for chimneys used regularly, but even if used occasionally, a chimney and fireplace should be routinely inspected and cleaned if necessary.

Inspection and Cleaning Results:

If you have smoke coming into the home, it is wise to get a fireplace and chimney inspection & cleaning to find out the problem, so the smoke doesn’t become a health hazard.

I recommend to my customers after about 30-40 fires, a chimney should be cleaned and inspected. It also depends on the size of the chimney. A lot of new fireplaces have smaller flues and get dirtier a lot quicker. If you like using your fireplace a lot during the burning season, you should get the chimney cleaned twice a season.

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